One Punch Man Workout: Best Body Building Plan That Actually Works

In today’s post, I’m going to show you exactly how to do one punch man workout correctly.

In fact:

These are the same strategies that many people used to transform their bodies.

Let’s dive right in.

Today, there are various workouts that vow for instant results. More and more people are seeking such training plans to transform their bodies and achieve greater fitness levels.

No doubt, people have become ultra-conscious of their health now than they were before. However, these workouts have become mundane and dull, and you seem to lose interest within a short span of time.

The good news is that one punch man workout takes you out of your comfort zone and gives you the strongest and the fittest body you could have ever dreamed of.

“Human beings were not born to do ordinary things, rather they have been designed to perform extraordinary tasks and beat their competitors.”

So, with this purpose, one punch man workout has been created so that you become the stronger version of yourself with regular training and can be an inspiration to others around you.

one punch man character Saitama

What is One Punch Man?

Not everyone is familiar with One Punch Man or the One Punch Man workout. The One Punch Man fitness challenge was being tried by a lot of social media influencers.

One Punch Man is a phenomenal comic anime from where emerges this world-famous dramatic character Saitama.

He is the 22-year-old strongest Japanese character who is passionate about being the strongest man who can defeat his foe with one single punch.

He aspires to be the superhero who can turn his enemy into ash with his single blow. He wants to become the epitome of strength. Therefore, he undergoes rigorous training to achieve the strength of such a level.

Here’s what one Punch man workout encompasses:

  • 100 Push-ups
  • 100 Sit-ups
  • 100 Squats
  • 10-km / 6.2-mile Run

Saitama followed this intense training for three straight years. The training was so intense that he lost all his hair during this period.

Yes! He turned bald by the end of it.

You must be wondering did he achieve his target. Who was his enemy? Don’t you wonder?

Let’s unfold the mystery.

Yes, he achieved his target. And his enemy was Crablante, whom he wanted to defeat, who was the inspiration for him to become that strong.

He could easily defeat that villain and, on top of that, gathered enough strength to be the strongest man on earth.

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one punch man workout results

What Can One Punch Man Workout do for you?

Saitama’s is a fictional story, but many people wonder how it relates to us in real life. How is it relevant to us by any means!

We can draw inspiration from Saitama if we want to achieve the highest fitness levels for our body or want to fulfil some specific target for our body.

This character is a God of strength and fitness. He inspires you to push yourself beyond your body limits and achieve impossible targets.

Under this workout, we are trying to work on the same muscles every single day. Research indicates that performing compound workouts are more effective if done more often. So, if one punch man workout follows properly, it will completely transform someone’s body

Oxidative Capacity and Mitochondrial activity increase faster with more frequent training.

Let’s understand how one punch man workout strategy helps us in real life.

push ups for one punch man workout

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Push-ups are one of the most fundamental bodyweight exercises and are very popular. The movement is simple. It is very productive because you are using a lot of muscles at the same time.

The first step is to set yourself up in a high plank position. While maintaining this pose, strive to ensure that your hands are spread a little wider than your shoulder-width length. Your palms need to be right below your shoulders. Your body should be straight, running from your neck towards the heels.

While keeping in this position, make an effort to engage your core muscles and drag your shoulder blades back down.

Now stoop to the ground by lowering your elbows and thrusting your shoulders ahead.

After that, bend yourself down until your chest is about to touch the floor. Now hold this position, relax for a few seconds, exhale slowly, and bring the body back to its initial position.

squats for one punch man workout


Position your feet wide apart. Make certain that your legs are perpendicular and corresponding to each other. You can turn your feet a bit outwards to make it simpler but not exceeding 15 degrees.

Next, move your arms out and keep them straight; bend yourself. While bending down, check that your knees are hell-bent on and your base is pointing outwards, and your waistline bending forwards. This position is like the one while sitting on a chair.

Now bend yourself till your hips are lateral to the floor, then return to the starting position.

While performing squats, it is highly advisable to look forward and check that your knees line up to your ankles.

Sit ups for one punch man workout


Kick-off by resting your back on a flat surface. This position will save you from any kind of injury. Holding onto this position, arc your legs at your knees and check that your feet are sturdily flat on the floor. Now gradually place your hands behind your head or cross them on your chest. This is the primary position.

Next, lift your body till it is no longer on the ground and your chest is in proximity to your thighs. Breathe out as you lift your body.

Gently inhale while stepping yourself back to the primary position.

For beginners, it is encouraged to start initially with 10 reps at a time and then increase the reps.

running for one punch man workout

10 km Running:

Running is very beneficial as under our feet lie all the acupressure points that are for the heart, kidneys, lungs, eyes, head, etc. When you run, these acupressure points are pressed, and you can cure all your diseases in real-time with this method.

Though the character is fictional, all the benefits related to its training structure are real and can be easily attained by following this schedule in a step-by-step manner.

Running is tricky for one punch man workout and is subjected to your body’s type.

While some people can run every single day without any problem, others are susceptible to muscle injuries.

This solely depends on your running form and your body type. Pay attention to your body when expanding the distance and upgrading time.

You need to be aware of your boundaries when you are working for that 6.2-mile/10 km goal and beyond.

It would be sensible enough to begin gradually and divide this workout into small phases. This would generate exceptional results, thereby allowing your body ample time to adjust.

So, initially start with a 5-km run and 50 reps of each exercise in the first week, followed by extending the number over the weeks.

Now, we know that training is very intense, and doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 km running on the first day is not the right thing to do.

You have to break it into steps and slowly reach the desired level as this will decrease the chances of injury.

It will also keep your enthusiasm intact as you slowly move towards your target.

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Sample for One Punch Man Workout is as follows:

Week 1:

Monday to Wednesday: 5×5 Push-ups, 5×5 Sit-ups, 5×5 Squats, 1 km Running

Thursday to Friday: 5×6 Push-ups, 5×6 Sit-ups, 5×6 Squats, 1.5 km Running

Saturday to Sunday: 5×7 Push-ups, 5×7 Sit-ups, 5×7 Squats, 2 km Running

Take 5 minutes of break after completing one kind of activity.

Week 2:

Monday to Wednesday: 5×8 Push-ups, 5×8 Sit-ups, 5×8 Squats, 2.5 km Running

Thursday to Friday: 5×9 Push-ups, 5×9 Sit-ups, 5×9 Squats, 3 km Running

Saturday to Sunday: 5×10 Push-ups, 5×10 Sit-ups, 5×10 Squats, 4 km Running

Take 5 minutes of break after completing one kind of activity.

Week 3:

Monday to Wednesday: 6×9 Push-ups, 6×9 Sit-ups, 6×9 Squats, 4.5 km Running

Thursday to Friday: 6×10 Push-ups, 6×10 Sit-ups, 6×10 Squats, 5 km Running

Saturday to Sunday: 6×11 Push-ups, 6×11 Sit-ups, 6×11 Squats, 6 km Running

Take 5 minutes of break after completing one kind of activity.

Week 4:

Monday to Wednesday: 7×10 Push-ups, 7×10 Sit-ups, 7×10 Squats, 6.5 km Running

Thursday to Friday: 7×11 Push-ups, 7×11 Sit-ups, 7×11 Squats, 7 km Running

Saturday to Sunday: 7×12 Push-ups, 7×12 Sit-ups, 7×12 Squats, 8 km Running

Take 5 minutes of break after completing one kind of activity.

Week 5:

Monday to Wednesday: 8×11 Push-ups, 8×11 Sit-ups, 8×11 Squats, 8.5 km Running

Thursday to Friday: 8×12 Push-ups, 8×12 Sit-ups, 8×12 Squats, 9 km Running

Saturday to Sunday: 8×13 Push-ups, 8×13 Sit-ups, 8×13 Squats, 10 km Running

Take 5 minutes of break after completing one kind of activity.

The concept is that in the beginning, you should stick to 5 to 7 Reps with 2 km running.

After each week reps should be increased by one per set until you reach a plateau. Then gradually increase the number of sets while decreasing the number of reps.

Your reps will be around the same, but they will be spread out over a longer period of time, giving you more time to recuperate.

Do same with the running, increase 2 km per week.

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How can one Punch man Workout make you strong?

It gifts you with the physical strength of a beast:

One punch man workout makes your body the strongest.

There are no false commitments attached to it, as this workout is indeed very powerful.

If you follow this regime honestly and perform all the tasks correctly religiously, you will become as powerful that you can defeat your enemy with one single punch.

When followed with complete honesty, this regime gifts you extreme fitness and extreme strength for your body.

And you will find your body in the best health, strength, and fitness you could never have imagined.

Your Mental Strength Turns Unbeatable:

Doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 km running every single day for straight 3 years is not a piece of cake; it’s not what everybody can do.

It needs immense mental strength to reach that space. And you develop it slowly as you keep increasing for reps every single day till you reach 100’s of them.

This will help in real life significantly because you wouldn’t be affected by any little talks. You will become a pillar of mental strength; nobody can dare to mess with, because you would be unbreakable.

It gifts you with consistency:

This task will be your guide to be consistent in your life. One essential factor to reach the epitome of strength is becoming a successful one punch man to be consistent with the tasks performed every day.

Your consistency will bring miraculous effects. And you will never look back after this.

Consistency will be wired in your brain and increase your efficacy in all aspects of your life.

This is how a One punch man workout makes us the strongest. Strong by the body, strong by mind, and it develops a sea of amazing qualities within us.

During the journey of one punch workout, one imbibes in him a whole new set of qualities, which are required to reach that epitome of strength, physical and mental.

Nobody can get to that level without learning these new skills; instead, one will develop all these qualities over time and experience a whole new life with a full new set of learning and unique experiences they received during this astonishing journey.

Well, before we delve into this powerful workout, let’s be careful enough and not assume any unrealistic results where you can merely punch a person and beat him just like that.

The character anime is solely fabricated and imaginary. What this training guarantee is enhanced strength and muscles.

one punch man workout pros cons

Pros of One Punch Man Workout:

  • Muscular Strength: One punch man workout remarkably increases muscle strength, thereby making them sustainable in the long run. This leads to enhanced overall health and fitness.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Running helps to strengthen the heart muscles. This is turn, leads to increased oxygen supply to your lungs and whole body. Improved Cardiovascular fitness levels are a great indicator of overall health performance.
  • Simple to Follow: Apart from the health and physical merits, one punch man workout is relatively easy to incorporate into your workout regime. Once you have accepted this challenge and set small goals for yourself, you can fulfil the target in a much convenient and simpler way.
  • No equipment needed: The beauty of one punch man workout is that it doesn’t require any equipment. The combination of benefits and the privilege of doing this workout anywhere make one punch man workout the most sort out and popular one. The only equipment needed is ‘you’ and your ‘body’ to make a killer difference in your transformational journey.
  • Encouraging and Fun: This workout is quite fun and exciting. Once you have accomplished your set target, just pat your back and see what a great sense of feeling you will experience. You will feel proud after every challenge and may even invite your colleagues to let them know about your amazing fitness routine.

Cons of the One Punch Man Workout:

Ineffectual for hypertrophy (muscle growth): Compound exercises in one punch man workout must be performed daily.

Repeatedly conducting these exercises may cause muscle spasms and might not be suitable for everyone.

So extra care should be taken while executing these exercises. Don’t overrun yourself. Start slowly and gradually to see healthy results.

Doesn’t enhance force production: The raw power needed to uplift heavyweights is not effective.

There are still three major problems when it comes to exercise selection:

There are no pull exercises included. Push-ups train muscles like the chest, the triceps, the shoulders, and the hips.

Sit-ups are heavenly, focusing on our hip flexes and abs. Squats mainly emphasize the lower body muscles like the glutes.

Running is also a lower-body dominant exercise. Even it is a more intense and strong focus. But what about the lab Trans and rhomboid muscles? These muscles are very essential to build a symmetrical physique.

Not only in terms of looks but also health. Neglecting these muscles can lead to imbalances. Imbalances can lead to poor posture and injuries.

The second problem is the Sit-ups: This is one of the worst exercises you can do if you are looking to train your abs effectively.

One of the issues with this exercise is the repetitive spine movement. Doing hundreds of sit-ups every day can wear out your spine at the discs between the vertebrate at a much faster speed than it should be.

Another issue is that this exercise heavenly involves your hip flexes. When these muscles are too tight, they can create several problems like imbalances and back pain.

In addition, they take away the load from your abs which makes this exercise ineffective for them. When you do a sit-up, your abs only work in the first part of the movement.

In the second part, you mainly use your hip flexes to lift your lower back off the ground. Instead, you can opt for crunches but make sure that you do them once or twice a week. Avoid doing crunches daily.

The last issue is the 10 km run: Running itself is not a bad activity but 10 km every day for one punch man workout is the worst thing you can ever do.

When it comes to running, it is very important to follow the right technique and experience.

If you have never run 10 km before, you should stop at a shorter distance (1-3 km) and let your body recover.

Especially your tendons and ligaments need time for adaptation.

So how should you select the exercise? You can keep up the PUSHUPS, SQUATS, and RUNNING.

But we sort out the SIT UPS and include BODYROWS instead. As mentioned above, you need an exercise that activates the biceps, labs, trans and rhomboid, and the other muscles on the backside of your body.

The BODYROWS is like inverted push-ups and perfect for activating those muscles.

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diet for one punch man workout

Diet for One punch man workout: 

The actual application of this training plan is the diet you follow while complementing it. After all, your diet is as important as exercise.

Therefore, substituting your nutritional plan with healthy sources is one great thought in achieving countable results.

Saitama followed one simple rule:

Eat three meals in a day. Never miss out on your breakfast. Eating a banana in the morning would do wonders.

However, in real life, incredible changes happen only through your diet. To build the superhero body, there are two prerequisites that you need to follow:

Include more Protein:

A protein-rich diet is very important for one punch man workout. Minimum 8g per pound of bodyweight. Depending on your body, you can increase or decrease the quantity.

Fill your diet plate with eggs, salmon, nuts, chicken, and soybeans, rich sources of proteins. You need to be aware of what you are eating to contribute to a clean eating style.

If possible, you can even consult a nutritionist who can help you with a diet plan.

Add more vegetables to your diet:

To have trouble-free bowel movements, balance your body’s PH level, include some good minerals and vitamins.

There are many dietary supplements you can include in your workout plan. However, a highly recommended one is to try your Super powders rich in micronutrients and many other health benefits.

List of popular superfood powders:

  • Forever Beautiful
  • Energy Bomb
  • Super Green
  • Power Matcha
  • Chocolate Lover
  • Skinny Protein
  • Magic Mushrooms

Citrulline Malate powder supplement:

Based on scientific research Citrulline Malate is an amino acid that increases the blood flow in the body resulting in enhanced exercise performance. It boosts muscle recovery.

Note: Though a clean and healthy diet is essential for your workout regime. However, the perks and merits of various supplements cannot be ignored. After all, these supplements are research-based and offer wonderful results.


One Punch man workout is an immense workout for beginning your fitness ride and attaining your top form. A complete body workout that satiates cardio as well as muscle growth needs.

Honesty and Dedication are some of the key learnings of one punch man Workout.

You are doing all reps but not with the required effort and enthusiasm; you know deep within that you will not get the results as you were not honest with your work.

This explains how important honesty is to complete this arduous task. Once you have gained that level of honesty by pushing yourself every day.

You will attain that one punch movement and emerge out as a strong, honest warrior who can conquer any field in his life.

Certainly, do not try to perform the exercises every single day. Instead, take a proper amount of rest and add variations and redesign the methods to finish the exercises.

This will save you from limiting your growth and take care that you are training out for a shorter duration so that you are directing your attention on muscles important for your endurance.

Now It’s Your Turn

I really hope you enjoyed my complete guide to one punch man workout.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Are you going to try the first one punch man challenge?

Or maybe you want to try other exercise or diet.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.