Do Carrying Shopping Bags or Climbing the Stairs could Help You Live Longer?

Do Carrying Shopping Bags or Climbing the Stairs could help you live Longer

According to research, carrying your groceries or using the stairs can extend your life.

The results of a study published in Nature Medicine demonstrate that Vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity (VILPA), which is characterized as brief bursts of physical activity, dramatically lowers the chance of passing away.

This could involve moving quickly for one to two minutes or moving quickly uphill, carrying a bag or carrying groceries, climbing stairs, doing household chores, or gardening.

We have known for a long time that leisure time exercise frequently achieves a vigorous intensity and has numerous health benefits, but we know less about the health potential of everyday movement, particularly activities done as part of daily living that reach robust intensity, according to the lead author of the study from The University of Sydney, Emmanuel Stamatakis, who spoke with GudHealthTips.

Stamatakis and colleagues examined data from 25,241 people, with a mean age of 61.8, who indicated that they do not exercise during leisure time to make this determination. According to the study, the data came from wearable devices that recorded each participant’s new movements. In 6.9 years, 852 of the participants passed away. According to the study, people who participated in VILPA had a much lower risk of dying from cancer or cardiovascular disease.

According to the study, three one- to two-minute VILPA sessions each day result in a 40% reduction in the chance of dying from cancer and a close to 50% reduction in the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

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“Having previously learned that strenuous physical activity is highly effective, particularly when it is intermittent, repetitive, and regular, we were not surprised to discover positive connections. But given how little daily physical activity we’re talking about, the magnitude of these relationships is rather startling “said Stamatakis.

“What is also quite fascinating is that there is a good likelihood that participants in this study did not recognise that they were engaging in vigorous intensity physical activity, given the sample of this study was non-exercisers, generally people who were not participating in sports, visiting gyms, or even taking leisurely walks during their free time,” the authors write.

According to the results, people who choose not to exercise in their free time can dramatically lower their chance of dying by engaging in VILPA. Around 70 to 80 percent of middle-aged and older persons don’t frequently exercise, according to Stamatakis.

“It is quite challenging to assist them in changing. VILPA can be a terrific approach for these people, in particular, to enjoy the health advantages of physical exercise by adjusting the intensity of daily activities they would already be doing to achieve vigorous intensity for 1 or 2 minutes at a time, multiple times a day “said Stamatakis.

“VILPA has major feasibility advantages over conventional leisure time exercise because it requires little to no time commitment, doesn’t require special clothing or other preparations, doesn’t require travelling to a health club or gym, is free to do, and doesn’t require paying fees to buy special exercise equipment,” says a spokesperson for the organization.

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