Weight Loss Programs – Important Things You Must know

With the advent of needing to be a perfect size, people have begun to resort to all kinds of programs to lose weight. Some obsess on diet programs while others spend forever working out in gyms. Some succeed while others get depressed. What exactly is weight loss? Taking the time to define this might help achieve the goal as you set a program that you could comfortably follow.

Weight loss is the elimination of excess fat without sacrificing muscle strength. Body fat is actually lighter than muscles. Some very thin yet muscular people are actually heavier than flabby people – which would you rather be? The answer leads you to focus on what you need to do: eliminate body fat and strengthen the muscles.

Quick Weight Loss

Ultimately, this tells you that you have to be active. Regular exercise (like thrice in a week) is a must. As a start, you can begin with a five minute walk (which gives your heart, lungs and blood vessels a boost and readies your body for the next stage) which should be followed by weight lifting. You can go for six ounces to start and as little as ten repetitions for each arm and legs should do you wonders in strengthening the muscles. End with stretching. You need to be flexible to be able to move better. Gradual increase in activity should happen if you wish to progress. Add in another five minutes to your walk with each week, five more repetitions and a couple more minutes to stretching until you have reached your goal. And maintain the work out to maintain the size!

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Do keep in mind that you cannot possibly shed ten pounds in a week if you’re opting for a healthy and natural weight loss program. Weight loss should be gradual. Thus, the loss of ten pounds should realistically be expected after three months of regular work out and right diet.

Right diet, on the other hand, should make you conscious of calorie count. Fat does not necessarily come from the amount of food intake. A pound of burger would naturally have more fat than a pound of greens because of the caloric content. Dieting is not a matter of deprivation. It’s a matter of opting for food that will give you the vitamins and minerals required by your body.

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Putting together exercise and diet and accepting that you can only lose so much weight at a given time should make the process of weight loss less depressing and more effective. Remember to be realistic at all times and have the patience to see yourself through.