An Interesting Story About Susan Boyle Weight Loss

Susan Boyle Weight Loss Journey

In today’s post, I’m going to tell you an interesting story about Susan Boyle weight loss.

So if you want to lose weight just like Susan Boyle, you have come to the right place.

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Susan Boyle – a Scottish Singer who carved a niche for herself in 2009 after participating in Britain’s Got talent show, also famous for her singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Miserables is a leading personna in the era of health and fitness.

Britain’s got talent show proved to be a milestone in her career as she emerged as a rising star. Though she suffered from obesity.

Even during her first appearance, Simon Cowell, a judge in the show, looked down upon her obese figure.

However, Susan Boyle underwent a drastic weight loss transformation which completely changed her life.

Who is Susan Boyle- Net Worth and Fame?

The Scottish Singer took birth on 1st April 1961 and matured in a small industrial area called Blackburn in Scotland. She was born to her biological mother and was the youngest among nine kids.

Susan Boyle suffered many health-related issues right from birth and even had learning disabilities. She was often mocked and bullied by her schoolmates.

Susan Boyle’s love for music cannot be ignored. Her passion for singing created new avenues in her life, and she surfaced out as a solidified actress.

Susan’s premiere studio album was announced in November 2009, which later emerged out as the hottest selling album of all time.

She enjoyed another accomplishment with her second album, The Gift. She emerged as the first prominent star to head with both the UK and US album charts twice the same year.

She reappeared as a guest in the final episode of Britain’s Got Talent in May 2012. Starting in 2021, she has set a record of selling more than 19 million copies.

Her total assets are estimated to be more than $14million.She owes all the praise and popularity to her sheer dedication ad commitment towards staying healthy and adopting an active lifestyle.

Susan Boyle Weight Loss Story

Enroute to Susan Boyle’s Weight Loss Journey

Susan Boyle faced weight loss issues right from her childhood days. She was continuously body shamed for her oversized figure at the beginning of her career.

Not only this, when Susan Boyle entered into Britain’s Got talent, many people were in a dilemma and did not anticipate this girl to attract the audience with her voice.

During her audition, she had to bear the banter from the spectators as well as a strange look from Simon Cowell himself.

However, moments later, the entire audience was shedding tears out of cheerfulness and excitement. Susan was quite emotional as everyone gazed at her.

During her school days, she actively participated in various musical concerts at school when she was just 12.

Her mentors and teachers recognized her potential and consistently motivated her to face all the challenges in her life.

Susan Boyle resumed her studies at the Acting School in Edinburgh and kept showering her love for singing. She performed at the church chorus and even popped up at Karaoke.

Entertaining fact: In the year 1995, Susan auditioned for ‘My Kind of People‘, a British TV Talent show. However, she failed.

The year 2007 was a period of great distress for the famous star as she lost her mother. She departed from her passion.

Finally, in 2008, Susan Boyle performed for Britain’s Got Talent as a tribute to her mother. With this, she created a memoir of accolades for her.

In an interview, Susan Boyle said that her biggest inspiration for losing weight is to be active and healthy. She was strongly unaffected by her public image and looks.

Doctors advised her to drop a few pounds, and she achieved it. In 2012, Susan learned that she ached with type2 diabetes.

Sooner she realized that now was the time to become conscious about her health and overall being. She said that Doctors called out her pet cakes” The plague of my life”.

The best part was that she conquered it rather than running away from the problem and followed the doctor’s suggestion. She worked hard for her fitness goal.

That type 2 Diabetes alarm pushed her towards working rigorously on her fitness and looks. As a result, she looks simply astonishing and continues with her excellent body image.

Susan Boyle's Diet Plan

Susan Boyle’s Strategic Diet Plan

Getting rid of that extra fat is a no-mean feat. Just question anyone who has ever been into this challenging task. One would find that it is not feasible to drop off weight by merely altering just one particular facet of your life.

Instead, it’s a comprehensive effort. Or else you are only deceiving yourself. For instance, Susan had to quit off Chocolates and sweets. However, that was not the only part of her weight loss plan.

By the year 2013, Susan managed to lose almost 28 pounds. In an interview with THE SUN, Susan stated that she had to dispose of a lot of the stuff from her present diet, primarily meat, dairy, wheat, sugar.

Being diagnosed with diabetes too, she was on a sugar-free diet. Let’s dig into her three-step weight loss plan:

Step 1: Discarding Sugar from her diet

The minute Doctors disclosed that she had type 2 diabetes, she was also advised to kick off sugar from her diet.

Consequently, she was refrained from binging onto sweets and chocolates. She also gave up processed food, refined sweeteners, and artificial sweeteners.

The famous singer also chucked away cereals, candies, and cakes. Alternatively, Susan started employing dark brown sugar or cane sugar.

She supplemented her diet with protein and healthy fats. Next, she promised herself to incorporate three very essential things into her diet plan:

  1. Juices and Fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, and fibers.
  2. Fresh Green leafy veggies contain a high amount of carbs and aids in digestion.
  3. Cane sugar or Dark Brown sugar to enjoy her sweet taste.

Step 2: Rigorous Workout Routine

A healthy diet and a well-planned workout are the two most essential tools in everyone’s weight loss journey.

Accordingly, Susan began her workout keeping in mind that it is pertinent to her weight loss.

Susan Boyle faced many hardships and challenges during her workout as she was pretty old and not in good form. Besides, she found it hard to perform rigorous exercises in the beginning.

Consequently, she decided to start her weight loss journey through small gradual steps. She started to walk two miles a day. This resulted in minimized sugar levels, another component in her struggle with diabetes.

At the age of 50 plus, walking was the most secure method to burn that extra fat without torturing her knees.

Step 3: Consumption of Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

At times, we all need that additional support and force. For Susan Boyle, it happened as a manifestation of Garcinia Cambogia supplements.

Well, Garcinia Cambogia is a sought-after supplement weight loss supplement. During the process of making this supplement, the slurry from this tropical fruit is first dried and finally used in foods. This results in a spicy taste.

Garcinia Cambogia as a supplement aids to restrains your hunger while burning the fat. It enhances metabolism and lifts mood.

This supplement comes with other different names like Garcinia gummi-gutta, Malabar tamarind, red mango, gamboge, brindle berry, and many more. This supplement is available in the form of powders, capsules, tablets, and liquids.

One must purchase it from a trustable brand.

Does Susan Boyle Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

A growing body of evidence suggests that many people undergo gastric bypass surgery to lose weight.

It is one of the fastest ways to shed more than 50 pounds. According to the latest research by The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), Weight-Loss surgery conducted under experienced surgeons is comparatively safer and results in considerable weight loss.

At the same time, it helps to overcome many problems related to weight.

Yet, Susan Boyle was reluctant to slim down by following the most organic and real way. While many of her followers contemplate this surgery, Britain’s Got Talent participants to decline such rumors.

Despite such criticism and false reviews, Susan Boyle fought adroitly with diabetes and lost weight by modifying her diet plan and workout.

Transformation: Before and After

Susan Boyle is an astounding Singer who reached the pinnacle of success through famous Britain’s Got Talent show.

Although her extremely sensational voice and beautiful smile cannot be neglected, her weight–loss transformation is simply amusing and unbelievable.

A look at her weight-inspiring loss photos is sure to leave everyone spell-bound.

Susan Boyle After Weight Loss

Susan Boyle Weight Loss
Susan Boyle Weight Loss

Susan Boyle Weight Loss Before And After Susan Boyle Weight Loss Transformation

Susan’s looks and appearance made her susceptible to bullying during her childhood. But her enthralling performance during Britain’s Got Talent show gave her audiences a pathway to discuss something, most notably about being non-judgmental.

Susan Boyle had been diagnosed with diabetes 2. Being Popular and talented, Susan Boyle could not keep a check on her diet and healthy lifestyle.

She was recognized with Asperger Syndrome, a neurobiological disorder that came as a massive shock to her career. Now she was determined to transform her life, rescue her career, and finally achieve her dream body.

Current Weight and Health of Susan Boyle

After going through a hell lot of hardships in her career and personal life, Susan finally emerged as solid as a rock and since then never looked back.

She made heads turn through her sizzling weight loss transformation. Currently, she looks lean, graceful, and healthier than ever.

Indeed, her careful diabetes 2 in 2012 motivated her to boost her health, which turned out profitable.

Diabetes is a condition that blocks the cells from utilizing glucose in our bodies to turn it into valuable energy. This occurs when cells become impervious to insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that stimulates the cell to utilize glucose from the blood. This leads to a prick in blood glucose levels. Most people with diabetes tend to feel hungry all the time.

This happens as the cells cannot locate sugar to produce energy. Diabetes people are frequently lethargic, have high blood pressure, and are more prone to depression. The same happened with Susan Boyle too.

She took immediate steps to address the disease and succeeded in doing so, mainly if she required more energy and a sense of wellbeing as she toured the world, flaunting her splendid voice.

How to Lose Weight Like Susan Boyle?

Well, the truth is switching over to your routine life is not an easy piece of work. Some extra efforts are still needed to keep up with your weight loss. This phase of life begins with its own set of challenges.

Like Susan Boyle, one needs to be fierce and determined in her approach to losing weight the natural way.

Be ready to bounce back when you see demanding situations in your weight–loss journey.

Just the way Susan Boyle did, you too can follow some healthy steps and reshape your weight loss journey

  1. Say goodbye to addictive food: Easier said than done. Well, it is really important to as you resort back to your everyday life. If you have been craving for a specific type of food that contains fat in the past, you should try not to taste it because, in the end, you always want more. Maintain strong willpower, and with constant dedication and determination, you can certainly give up on those addictive cravings and thereby maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Keep a check on your alcohol intake: Alcoholic drinks should be completely drained off once you are on a weight-loss mode or trying to reduce weight. These alcoholic drinks have the power to reduce your consciousness and self-control. There is no need to pay attention to those foods that diminish your desire to lose weight and, at the same time, lower your confidence. Instead, one must try to make company with positive and good friends that profoundly influence your life. Such positive people are bound to lift your morale, make you a better person, and help achieve your goal.


If you manage your time efficiently and spend your energy while saving some for difficult times, you may achieve excellent results just like Susan Boyle.

In short, we can conclude that by focusing on the three things as Susan Boyle did for her weight loss journey, you can achieve tremendous results and create your weight loss history.

So, what are you gazing at? Just pull up your socks and get the ball rolling.