Meghan Trainor’s 20 Pounds Weight Loss – Dark Secrets Revealed

Meghan Trainor Weight Loss

Meghan Trainor’s weight loss is a true and inspiring tale that focuses on absolute resilience and great endurance that left no stone unturned in influencing the lives of millions across the globe.

From hitting gyms to home workouts, the year 2021 has been a period of health dedication and fitness. The same goes for celebrities as well.

Several famous celebrities devoted their time to transforming their bodies, many of which left us spellbound.

However, it’s not just about the achievement of fitness but rather sheer dedication and commitment towards their life that inspires others to follow in their footsteps.

Well, let’s take a look into Meghan Trainor’s deep transformation and a mesmerizing weight loss journey that would leave you to confound and give you goosebumps.


Just About Meghan Trainor Weight Loss

Meghan Trainor, 27 years old, an American pop star, a songwriter, a talent show judge, a music producer, a voiceover artist, and most importantly, a wife and a mother.

She was a Grammy award winner for the best new artist back in 2016. And not just being limited by the industry and fame, the artist always raised her voice towards the issues like feminism, racism, body shaming, and so on.

Recently by her glorifying Instagram page portraying her shaped-up pictures, the star is in the great talk about her weight loss, and each of her fans is crazy to know about Meghan Trainor’s weight loss story.

So! Let’s dive into its look…

An insight into Meghan Trainor’s Weight loss journey 

“Dear future husband, If you want to get that special loving, Tell me I’m beautiful every night, Woo….” – Meghan Trainor

So, in a closely held conversation about Meghan Trainor’s weight loss, she avowed that her significant other metamorphosed her life he made workout sessions fun for her ….

she proposed that “she didn’t believe it, but now it’s true and it feels so good when you’re sore…. Now! I love that feeling, and I’m addicted to it.” 

The vocalist lays all the acclaim for Meghan Trainor’s weight loss on her splendid, fond and compassionate husband, Daryl Sabara.

Meghan Trainor With Her Husband

Trainor exclaimed that Daryl cooks for her and even edified her how to cook, and not just that, he showed her that cooking healthy food with some special modus operandi can make it even more appetizing.

Meghan wanted to be healthier as much as she could; she told the world at large about her baby fever as, like any other girl, she wanted to carry out babies and with her sweetheart.

We all hark back to 2014’s superhit refrain All about that bass‘ which was all about accepting and loving our body curves, weight, and size.

From the beginning, she was never afraid to put her true self up. Weight loss wasn’t intended by Trainor initially.

After that, in 2017, she divulged that she just desires to live ad infinitum, want to stay gazing young forever.

She even bunged up drinking, worn-out everything bad for her face. She was fed up with acne by that time.

Meghan said two years later, “I’m 24, I’m over it, and I just want to live till I’m 106.” As we all can relate, she too revealed it wasn’t easy-going; it took a great effort to shake off the 20 pounds she did.  

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Meghan Trainor Visits Kiss FM
LONDON, ENGLAND – JANUARY 23: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Meghan Trainor visits the Kiss FM Studio’s on January 23, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

How much Weight has Meghan Trainor lost?

Trainor filched a flight of losing 20 pounds with no synthetic supplements, food starving, or gym and put herself in the frame of a 68kg super toned and beautiful leading star.

She always wanted to be the best version of herself, so she made it to that point. However, even after all this transformation, she’s still “all about that bass.”

She just became wholesome for her true self; it’s baptized progress that is fundamental for human evolution that’s why she kept her attraction.

And you might be wondering that how it is even possible to lose 20 pounds with no synthetics! Right? Well, let’s see…

Meghan Trainor Weight Loss Diet & Workout

All she was fed was love, self-love, care, and support…. and that’s the winning point of her innate and nourishing weight loss “I just ate clean,” asserted Meghan.

Well, lifting kgs in the gym and starving for the whole day could work in her favor too, in fact, this could be fast and massive, but it wasn’t her socks to pull for Meghan Trainor’s weight loss.

Instead, as she affirmed in one of her banters with the broadcasting site that she just clogged drinking alcohol, vamoosed junk food, and got into the stone-age diet, very commonly known as the paleo diet. 

Inspired by Meghan Trainor weight loss!?

This’s wholly thee need to do, 

First, clean your sheet from:

  1. Grains, such as wheat, flour, oats, etc…
  2. Pulses such as beans, Lens culinaris, peas, and peanuts.
  3. Dairy products such as milk, butter, etc…
  4. Hydrogenated oils are bearing trans fats.
  5. Processed sugars and simulated sweeteners and salts. 

She cooked healthy, ate healthily, and became healthy. Simply she kept most of the meals according to the paleo diet like egg, meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, etc… 

“I can’t help loving myself…. and I don’t need nobody else….”- Meghan Trainor.

Literally! Who can get over Meghan Trainor’s fabulous, self-loving, enthusiastic song and lyrics?

She is a magnificent fresh soul who has always spread body positivity from the offset of her career till now. Then why someone so noble of her curves would lose weight? 

Meghan Trainor
LAS VEGAS, NV – MAY 22: Recording artist Meghan Trainor attends the 2016 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 22, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for dcp)

The Tier Behind Meghan Trainor Weight Loss

This altogether ensued next to her second vocal-cord hemorrhaging surgical treatment.

On the Ellen Show, Meghan openly discussed the sorrows she went through and esteemed that she’ll never be able to buzz again “I was in a dark place,” uttered Trainor.

She also revealed all her encounters with her panic disorder. December 2016, according to the specialists, Meghan had her first panic attack on ‘CBS This Morning‘ by the side of Gayle King for announcing the 2017 Grammy’s nominations as her handler packed her catalog from her head to toe.

She exclaimed that she was shivering like crazy while announcing the nominees; on the contrary, she felt like she would pass out on the live show, and as soon as she heard ‘cut’ she went off stage and was certainly gasping for air recklessly in front of all the people gathered.

According to the other media report, she had another interview/appearance listed in the row but kept an eye on her critical state, and they dropped the show’s to-do list. 

“I was the placard child of ‘I’m fearless, and I adore who I am, and I’m here,'” Trainor voiced. “And I was the opposite. I was crumbling in my bed, like, ‘I want to stay here and get through.’ I fell into a crazy, deep hole of depression and anxiety. When I had a period, it would latter for three days. I was halting and obligated this ache.” cried out M. Train.

She is never embarrassed to say that she’s on antidepressants. She openly admits that medicines saved her, her life, and her career as well. 

“I’m back better than ever,” “I’m in the best place of my life.”  

Meghan Trainor, her Net worth and Fame

Meghan is a wonderful singer, songwriter, and a Grammy award conqueror in vogue at the start of her career, and she now has an estimated net worth of 8 squillion bucks.

The pop star was born on 22 Dec 1993 in Nantucket, Massachusetts. She’s the middle child and a sister to an elder and a younger brother of a middle-class family.

Trainor explicated her interest in music from a very tender age and started penning her songs at just the age of 11 years. She rose all around the music and even self-recorded three pre-debut albums.

She also performed trumpet in a ‘jazz’ band for three years, her parents encouraged her from the start and helped her a lot to attend music conventions, and she began discerning guitar at the age of 15.

In 2014 Meghan emerged out as a shining star by the album “All about that base,” ensuing by another hit, “Lips are Movin,” and reserved her win for the “Best New Artist” award in Grammy and two billboard music awards. 

Meghan Trainor’s Songs & Albums

Have you heard Meghan Trainor’s music before? She has a beautiful and incredible voice.

She performed several well-known tunes. Here is a compilation of great tunes to listen to. You’ll be ecstatic to hear that.

Meghan Trainor’s Before And After Photos

Meghan Trainor Weight Loss Meghan-Trainor-Before-And-After

Meghan Trainor - Height, Weight, Age
Meghan Trainor – Height, Weight, Age

Current Weight and Health of Meghan Trainor

At the age of 24, Meghan got engaged to her super supportive boyfriend, and her journey towards Meghan Trainor’s weight loss began.

The diva took a healthy road from size 12 and 175-pound weight to an up-to-date weight of nearly 68 kgs 150 lbs.

which is the average weight for a white American lady, and she carries a normal dress size of 8 according to the US size chart.

In a recent interview, Meghan was questioned about her strictness towards her diet and workout, and she spoke out loud that she does not want to be a silicon doll.

However, she has always been her genuine self and has always planted her first step forward to evolve healthily. 

Well, you too might be wondering,

How to lose weight like Meghan Trainor?

Right!? As we have jeered a lot into Meghan Trainor’s weight loss story, we came to know that it didn’t take a lot of effort for her to lose 20 pounds; all she did was to eat well as much as she can she and also learn to cook from her husband.

She worked out at home with her husband, and she spelled out that she fell in love with exercises afterward and made workout her daily habit.

Just like Trainor, you can lose weight just by dropping junk food out of your meal and adding protein and iron-rich appetites more.


Meghan Trainor is a prominent motivation for all the curvy girls out there dealing amidst body-related issues and inspired many souls out there to transform themselves, be healthier, and be the best version of themselves in such a hale and hearty manner. 

Meghan and Daryl proved the phrase, “Love changes, love evolves, love makes you go through the worse, love is the thing which ushers you to transform, love is the storm, far-far away from the cultural norms, love makes you strong, listen to love it has its bong.” 

Daryl’s love for Meghan and Meghan’s love for her kid (Riley) steered her towards the journey of Meghan Trainor’s weight loss which grew as the media sensation and the spur for millions of her fans out there … just the way her melodies don’t skip a second to bump into our heads her effortless and fine fettle weight loss orderliness too got into the head of a lot since then and now.

Meghan has gone on record maxim she didn’t mean to turn out to be a role model for mass positivity, but with an unveiling single like “All About That Bass,” it was kind of unavoidable.

The song and its sonnets, “every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top,” are displayed as a song of appreciation and self-love for women.

So, when Trainor threw down her single, “No Excuses,” earlier she too let people know that she’d dropped 20 pounds accompanying it, all the world at large was astonished.

And she persuaded her words right she didn’t just lose the weight but also the healthful way. 

“Damn, I been working really hard on myself,

 On my health, and my happiness

 Hit pause on my life, took time on my mind, been working less

 Cause I lost myself, I forgot myself, and I don’t deserve it

 Okay, let me give myself a hand, uh-huh

 Tell me to get up and dance

 So, I move my feet, I love all of me, uh-huh”

From forever and now, Trainor never displeased her fans to love themselves and herself a little less. As a result, every album comes out super enthusiastic.

Meghan Trainor’s weight loss is all about being her better self with love, fun, and affluence.

She is a mother who wants to be as healthy as she can for her child. Furthermore, the admiration of her husband wasn’t about changing her; it was all about attaining and pruning her better self.

Meghan Trainor’s weight loss this far made me effectuate that I have reasons I should embrace myself a little more, a little extra today, tomorrow, and forever.

Moreover, the day you’ll incite loving doesn’t matter what size you are in, how defined your curves are.