Home Remedies For Quick Weight Loss: Simple and Effective

Whenever we talk about weight loss, everyone tells the treatment, though he may not himself ever used that medicine or formula. As the people simply talk, it is not so easy to reduce the weight. First of all we should know the reason of over-weight. Weight & height of a man are co –related with each other. In fact our eating habits are not are the major reason for our over-weight. The fast food, oily foods, cold drinks and fried foods are the main participants in increasing our weight. Whatever the calories we take in our meal is not burned in total which is the major cause of over-weight. This surplus calories turns in to fat and increase our weight. Lack of physical exercises, less movements, heavy foods, and lack of walking, remains sitting on the chair or lying on the bed, or excess sleep are the causes of over-weight.

Here are some practical solutions practiced by so many people in their life and were able to reduce their weight up to a great extent Patience:- Whenever we starts any method for reducing the weight, we must keep patience. It is not possible that whenever you started any weight reducing method it will reduce your weight immediately. It will take some time to give the results.

Eating Habits: Instead of taking the meals three times in a day, start taking it five to six times in small quantities. After breakfast take tea/coffee or juice. Always use a small plate for meals and a small cup for tea or coffee. It will definitely reduce the quantity of food you eat. Take low fat milk (Skim Milk). Try to take the food at your home. Eat slowly, and eat less. Eat fruit in place of juice.


Diet: Do not keep you Hungary and unsatisfied .Take sufficient food but cut back on sugars and starches. These foods stimulate secretion of insulation the most, and insulin is the main fat storage in the body. When insulin level go down, the fat come out of fat stores and body start burning fats instead of carbs , and our kidneys shed excess sodium and water out of our body, which reduces bloat and water weight. Cut the carbs, lower our insulin and we will start to eat fewer calories automatically and without hunger. If the sugar & starches are removed from our diet it will lower insulin & kill our appetite & reduce our weight without hunger. Always include protein source & a fat source and low carb vegetables in your meals. The meat, chicken, sea-food, eggs are the sources of proteins. High proteins diet can reduce our calories intake to a great extent. Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, cucumber and celery are the best sources of low carbs. A diet based on meat & vegetables contain all the fiber, vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy. Olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil, butter and tallow are the best sources of fat.

exerciseRegular exercise: You should exercise regularly at least half an hour daily. Bring a weight lifting at your home and lift weight daily for some time you can lift. By weight lifting you will burn a few calories and prevent your metabolism from slowing down, which is a common side effect of losing weight. If weight lifting is not possible than start running, jogging and swimming.

Positive Attitude: Always keep a positive attitude. Chew your food well. Take lemon and honey in warm water empty stomach daily. Eat apples and juice of colocasia roots’ leaves. Avoid junk foods. After meal take warm water in small quantities. Green Coffee also reduces our belly. Tomato juice and reddish juice are the best sources to reduce the weight. Apple vinegar and coconut oil’ use is also good in reducing the weight.

All above methods are natural ways to reduce weight. To boost your weight loss program you may also take weight loss supplements like Green Coffee.

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