Does Garcinia Cambogia work according to the research?

What is Garcinia Cambogia and how does it work?

It is known by a number of different names. These include, among others:

Garcinia Cambogia’s Other Names

    • garcinia quaseita

    • hoodia gordonii

    • garcina cambogia

    • cambogia garcinia

    • gummi gutta

    • cambooge

    • gambooge

As mentioned, these weight loss pills contain an extract from the Asian fruit – Gummi Gutta. This is a pumpkin-like fruit that has been consumed in Asia for a long time.

Gummi gutta is used in a lot of Asian cuisine. It is also used to treat bowel, rheumatism issues, and in removing gas from the GI tract. Asians also know it to be an effective appetite suppressant. They say it’s good not only for making food taste good but more ‘filling’ as well. People there say it helps for losing weight too.

In the West it is now popular for weight loss. A quick YouTube or Google search reveals multitudes of results on the topic. Much of the advertising is hyped and biased by commercial interests. However, a common thread is that, though not a silver bullet, it can be effective with exercise and healthy diet.

How does Garcinia work?

Gambooge supplements create a system in the body for burning excess fat. It works by inhibiting your appetite and hunger cravings. This is great for preventing binge eating.

Diet and exercise increase the likelihood of binge eating. This significantly increases metabolism. Although ideal for burning fat, it can lead to binge eating. If this occurs, your efforts may plateau. Worse, some return to their pre-health-kick body weight.

It contains enzymes that aid in blocking hunger. They do this by excreting serotonin. In addition, this enzyme is a mood lifter. This can has the added benefit of maintaining positivity and determination.

It also stimulates metabolic rate. As discussed already, this is key to real weight loss. Metabolism is what helps us burn the energy we get from calories. This prevents them from being converted to carbohydrates and fat.

Interestingly, research has shown that cambooge inhibits Citrate Lyase in rats. This enzyme produces fat by converting sugars into carbohydrate, which is then stored as fat. It has been observed as inhibiting this mechanism.

This supplements, therefore, works from three angles to optimise your body for fat loss. These are that it suppresses hunger, boosts metabolism (your fat burning mechanism), and inhibits the body’s capacity for converting calories into carbohydrate that gets stored as fat.

We believe strongly in adding gym exercise and good diet into this mix. This will further optimise your body for weight loss. Don’t see this weight loss supplement as a one stop shop solution. You may be disappointed. See it as a booster and you may be pleasantly surprised after trying it for up to 3 months. Is it a sure thing? No. As with many medications and supplements, some respond better than others. We recommend trying it if it works out great, If not try something different.

How to take Garcinia weight-loss Cambogia tablets

Regardless of what you read around the net always take what’s recommended on the back of the packaging. This is because the quality and purity varies among the different brands.

As mentioned, combine with a healthy diet and exercise for maximum effect.

Prime your body with a detox cleanse first. They clean out your digestive system of toxins. This helps do two things. First, by expelling toxins and acids your body can return to a low acidity level.

Detoxing optimises your digestive system too, which makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrients. This helps with the take up of nutritional supplements as well. Therefore, a detox can help maximise the benefit of hydroxy citric acid (HCA) through efficient absorption of the enzyme. We are considering stocking one of these products. Contact us if you think we should stock detox products too.

Garcinia Dosage Recommendations

There is not a lot of guidance on this in the scientific literature. We think there needs to be more research to draw more concrete conclusions. Amongst medical practitioners and professionals, 2,800 mg daily is considered safe for people. However, it has been found that 1,500 mg on 3 occasions daily, 30-60 mintues prior to eating reduces body weight and BMI significantly. Others have observed as little as 250 mg daily over 5 days can enhance fitness training performance.

The recommended dosing is at least 500 mg three times daily on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before meals. The last step is critical. Don’t take it once you’ve already eaten. Food interferes with the physiological processes that make it effective. There was a study in which patients who were eating fiber loaded diets did not show significant results. Given this, make sure your diet is well rounded too. Get your daily intake of fruit, veggies, meats, nuts and other low GI, low acidity, high antioxidant containing foods.

Side Effects of Garcinia HCA Cambogia

We’ve pulled together some safe use information for you. Obviously, it’s important to take precautions with any supplement. That’s why you need to know whether it’s safe. We can base this judgment on whether it has known interactions with other substances. Whether there are side effects and potential adverse reactions are important too.

In clinical trials conducted on people, it was reported to be ‘well tolerated’ for up to three months. WedMD state that it’s probably safe for people when taken as ‘recommended’. Their reasoning is that it’s been part of the South East Asian diet for centuries.

They also recommend taking it within a length of time that has been tested in clinical trials. So for our purposes this is three months or twelve weeks. After that you may want to assess where you’re at with it. If it’s working keep going. If not try something else.

Ultimately, it’s wise to speak to a doctor and/or pharmacist. They are the most authoritative sources when it comes to adverse drug, vitamin and supplements reactions. It’s advisable to get an opinion from a nutrition specialist as well. See the doctor first. They can recommend a specialist if needed.

Specific groups reporting Side Effects from Garcinia pure-HCA Cambogia Extract

Some people should take precautions before taking the supplement because of their increased risk for side effects. People with the following conditions or medical situations should seek medical advice before taking the supplement:

  • Diabetes (high blood sugar type)
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Anyone having current medical treatment
  • Rhabdomyolysis
  • People on statins
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Women trying to get pregnant or who are already pregnant or breast feeding

Most people won’t experience problems according to garcinia cambogia customers who reviewed it after using this. However, the risk of digestion issues goes up with prolonged use beyond three months. Some get pains in the gut. Others report nausea. Gnet also say that allergies may appear in the form of hives/swelling. If problems arise just stop and seek medical advice. The last thing we want is for you to be harmed by taking our supplements. Please, seek professional help if you notice untoward reactions.

A common way of offsetting the risks of taking it beyond three months are to taper off or stop altogether for 1-2 weeks. After that it’s usually okay to go again for another three months and simply repeat the cycle.

The body tends to get used to taking the same thing all the time as well. Having intermittent breaks can maintain the body’s sensitivity to the substance. This can maintain its effectiveness.

Garcinia cambogia Reviews and research results

There are garcinia cambogia customer reviews, and articles all over the web. Some of them are over hyped while others are interesting and helpful.

Many promote the product for commercial reasons. You need to be skeptical of these ones. Some of them get a commission for the sales they generate. So just be aware of this when you’re looking at the various customer reviews and testimonials.

Despite the many positive reviews, there are mixed results on the wider internet. There are positive, negative and mixed reviews from ordinary people. Many of the negative ones seem to highlight the fact that there are low quality supplements being sold by dodgy people online. On the other hand, the magazine journalists were using top quality product in their research. It’s important to know you’re buying quality product. This is also why we started this site. We wanted to bring you quality and trust because of all the sketchy stuff we noticed.

Garcinia Pure Cambogia Research

We know that this weight loss supplement is genuine if used correctly with the right frame of mind. It’s a real solution to better weight-loss results. It works best as part of a broader diet and exercise plan.

We are proponents of this approach and can’t stress it enough. In fact, we should put a disclaimer on our web site and products that if you expect it to do everything you may as well not waste your money. It’s really for those people who are making an effort to adjust their nutrition and physical activity already. It can really help when these people reach a plateau and need an added edge. It is a tweak that can generate nice results under these conditions.

There have been some studies of its efficacy. In rodent studies, significant weight loss and other fat burning results have been observed.

These studies spurred research into whether humans get the same benefit. The results are inconclusive to date. In most of these studies, people taking the supplement in question have lost some weight. According to Authority Nutrition, it may be that some people respond better than others. The best way to approach it might be to try it over 1-2 months. Then you could make an informed choice about whether to keep going.

Summary of Garcinia Cambogia Research Results

Bare in mind that experimental research has its problems. Foremost, you can only begin to draw confident conclusions with a broad base of research. Unfortunately, there is a lack of efficacy studies to be able to do this.

The natural fat loss supplements industry is simply not funded well enough to conduct that amount of research. One study that finds that something is or is not effective is never enough evidence to draw conclusions with statistical confidence.

The few studies available support its use while indicating the need for further research.

So act now and claim your trial pack of the product by visiting the official website below!