Can EMS Training Help With Fat Loss

Can EMS Training Help With Fat Loss

If you are here, that means you have tried and tested many fat loss plans, but one of them was beneficial for you. In that case, you are in the right place. Here, we will introduce you to a different training method that perhaps you will hear about for the first time.

This article will discuss EMS training and how it can help your body lose stubborn body fat.

What Is EMS Training?

EMS training is a new norm in the fitness industry that has taken the concept of fitness to a whole different label. In fact, some world-class athletes use this training method to stay in shape and prepare for big tournaments.

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. This training method involves sending electric current to the body and activating muscles.

Experts believe that EMS training is capable of giving a full week’s workout in just 20 minutes.

How Does EMS Training Work?

When you are doing EMS training, you are asked to wear a suit full of electrodes. The electrodes are located exactly where your large muscles are.

When you start moving, an electrical current is passed through those electrodes to your body. The electrical current stimulates your muscles and helps them contract.

Usually, your central nervous system is responsible for contracting your muscles, but with these electrical signals affecting your muscle contract, the central nervous system is not used for the contraction. This reduces the time in which your muscles react to the movements.

There are two types of EMS suits – Wired and Wireless suits. Currently, the wireless electrical muscle stimulation trend is on the rise. This is because the wireless suits are completely detached from the monitor and work with the help of sensors.

Can EMS Training Help With Weight Loss?

EMS training has many benefits. One of which is weight loss. If you want a form of exercise that does not involve lifting too many heavy weights, EMS training is just perfect for you.

You must have heard the claims of where EMS training has the capability to offer 5 hours of training in just 20 minutes. But, the results seem confusing when it comes down to how effective it is against fat loss.

Not exactly confusing, but there are just too many factors that you need to consider to determine whether EMS is effective for fat loss. Unfortunately, despite all the research, hardly any evidence proves the effectiveness of EMS training against fat.

Fortunately, it does!

EMS training creates a calorie deficit inside the body that forces the body to use fat for generating energy.

EMS Help With Weight Loss By Creating Calorie Deficit

EMS technology is effective for individuals who find it hard to enter calorie deficit. For instance, if you are elderly and can’t take part in heavy workouts, entering into a calorie deficit might seem like a difficult task.

However, not with EMS training.

EMS training doesn’t need any heavy weight to exercise. Even normal body weight exercise feels extreme, leading people to burn high- amounts of calories.

Weight Loss In Abdomen Area

When considering EMS training for weight, consider how effective it will be for weight loss around the abdomen area. Although EMS training is full body workout training and helps reduce fat from all over your body, certain studies have shown that it can also be used to specifically target the abdomen fat.

The research found that without any diet, EMS training was able to reduce the fat from the midsection. This is really exciting, knowing how much weight can be lost with a planned diet.

Is EMS Good For Weight Loss?

EMS training is beneficial as it helps your body enter a calorie deficit state. While EMS stimulation alone will not help you with weight loss, the calorie deficit coupled with a planned diet can help you lose fat.

So, coming down to your question – Is EMS good for weight loss?

The answer is YES. Although EMS training alone is not enough, it certainly helps your body to lose fat in ten long runs.

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