All About Green Coffee Bean Extract – Does It Work or Not?

What’s The Truth About Green Bean Coffee Supplements? Do they do what they need to do or what?

benefits-of-green-coffee-beansGreen coffee beans are different from regular roasted coffee beans and the reason is very clear. They are coffee beans that don’t undergo the normal process of roasting as are other coffee beans. There is chlorogenic acid in these green coffee beans that remains untouched. Because of this fact, they contain a weight loss element, and it is this weight loss element that makes a difference. They also contain lots of healthy antioxidants that help stop premature aging, fight to prevent diabetes and hypertension too.

There are several studies out there, which are notable, and that have been able to successfully demonstrate the weight loss effects that green coffee beans are known to possess naturally. There is one study that was published in 2012, and this study did reveal that, because the study did focus on test subjects who were obese. These test subjects had diabetes, metablolic syndrome, and also were obese as well. The test subjects were able to lose 18 pounds in just a matter of 12 weeks. There was also another test study done on green coffee beans, which was on the Dr. Oz show, and it involved using 100 test subjects. These test subjects were told to use a food journal and were instructed to go ahead with their regular diets. They weren’t permitted to change these diets in any way.

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What the results of this study did clearly show is this. The test subjects were able to lose a pound per week. They achieved this mainly by doing two things. These things were to take the green coffee bean supplement and to write down their meal details in the food journal that was given to each of them for this express purpose. This losing of a pound per week was double the amount, which the regular test subjects, who were also issued a food journal and that was it.

The one thing that must be noted, and should be noted, by anyone who plans on taking these green coffee bean supplements is this. There are a lot of companies out there that only use artificial type binders and fillers in their pills in order to save on the cost of money. Therefore, if you do want green coffee bean extract to work for you, you have to at least have a green coffee bean supplement that has 45% of chlorogenic acid or GCA for short. You require this amount of Chlorogenic Acid in order to get a dosage that will prove to be effective and to escape the harmful side effects that can come from any of the fake fillers.

What Is The Truth? Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Have Too Much Caffeine?

A green coffee bean does indeed have a long list of awesome benefits. It’s true. However, despite the health rewards, there are some existing side effects that can and do cause concern. These potential side effects are the very thing, which in its own way does sort of balance out the good benefits that green coffee beans do seem to have. Nonetheless, in both of the studies mentioned, no one seemed to have report any of these side effects. There also didn’t appear to be any real subjects from drinking too much coffee. Despite this, could it be true?


One example of this is the fact that coffee does contain caffeine, and ingesting too much caffeine can cause issues for some. One of these issues is that it can keep one awake. The drinking of too much caffeine is said to cause this problem. Caffeine content in coffee has a strong tendency to wake one up. It also is said that if you drink too much coffee, it can be the very thing, which will make you extremely jittery. It is also linked to a person losing sleep and sleeping normally. This is something that can lead right to the development of insomnia.

Caffeine is also said to elevate one’s heart rate and that can be a serious thing for one’s cardiovascular system.

However, this doesn’t apply to pure green coffee bean pills, and this is not something that is ever likely to affect a person’s health. The symptoms that one will suffer from consuming too much caffeine aren’t at all the same side effects that green coffee bean extract has or may have on anyone who uses it.

Green coffee bean extract is usually taken as a supplement, because the liquid from unroasted coffee beans have a bitter awful taste.  As a supplement, it has numerous benefits.  A few of those benefits are:

  • Fat burning
  • Improve homocysteine
  • Increase well-being
  • Decrease blood pressure levels
  • Glycemic control
  • Decrease blood sugar & Lower insulin shots.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects

Just Who Is Not Safe Taking Green Coffee Bean Extract?  

Does green coffee bean extract have any potential dangers? Is there some existing risks, such as the same ones, which are associated with the taking of some prescription medication and or supplement?

Some people could be allergic to coffee or green coffee beans. It is a condition that may be looked on as being rare, but nonetheless, something that is still possible. People are allergic to lots of things. Those who are allergic to coffee can indeed experience some serious symptoms and side effects. Some of these symptoms can include having trouble breathing and hives. If you are a person that can’t drink soda type drinks and tea, you may indeed be allergic to caffeine, and should avoid it. The very same can be said about decaffeinated coffee. If you can’t drink decaffeinated coffee, you are allergic to the coffee, which is an allergy to the coffee and not the caffeine itself.

The truth is, you need to avoid taking any green coffee bean supplements all together, if you have any existing allergies to coffee or caffeine or both of them.

Who are some of the others that should avoid taking any green coffee bean extracts? They are:  

  • Any women who may be pregnant, or are pregnant and any mothers who are breastfeeding babies. Reputable makers of high quality and safe green coffee bean supplements do have labels on their products that warn these women to not take their products at all.
  • Children should not be allowed to ingest any green coffee bean extract supplements. Kids do require lots of energy by nature. It is part of who they are and what they need. However, if they consume these types of products, it may prove to not be good for them.
  • Any people who take medications for serious health conditions should also avoid using any green coffee bean supplements too. The reason being that it could be harmful to those people who had heart disease or having diabetes. Therefore, don’t take any supplements such as these, or any other kind of supplements until you have consulted with your medical care professional. It is far better to be safe than sorry later on.



Nowadays, the green coffee bean extract is recognized as ideal food supplement who’ve already consumed this, being a guaranteed method to successfully shed extra pounds, with no change to one’s diet plan as well as exercise routine.  A large number of people happily proclaim the results of the supplement which really helped them enhance their metabolism.

So, there it is.  Green coffee extract actually work for weight loss.  It is equally as effective as green tea.

The suggested dose for green coffee bean extract is 700 to 1050 mg for products which have 30 to 50 % chlorogenic acid before each meal. Though, weight loss is possible without any life-style or diet plan, it’s still recommended that you improve your life-style and eating habits, which help you overcome obesity.  Above all, you must speak to your doctor before starting any diet program.


You need to know that not all green coffee bean extract supplements are equal. Let’s do a comparison.


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